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Destination High Street

Project Brief


October 2023


Design & Development


Website Design

Mobile Application

In October 2023, Destination High Street came to us with a mission - To build the UK’s best High Street success app.

This was on the 12th of October 2023. They’re now working in 8 locations, with plans to franchise 50 more by the end of 2024 and have an app available on the app store with over 1500 users.

While they didn’t use our company formation service, we were still able to support them on their business journey. Here’s a bit about how SUAZ helped them get there.

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The Problem

Matt Jinks at Destination had a great idea. High streets are struggling and they need one unified voice talking to people visiting and in the local area. He approached SUAZ with this concept but didn’t know how to turn it into a reality.

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The Solution

Here’s a bit about how SUAZ helped them get there.

We helped Matt strategise his minimum viable product to enable him to launch and make sure his idea worked for one high street, in his home town, Bromsgrove. Our design team built his website and created app designs for him to demonstrate his idea to local high street stakeholders such as local shops and the council.

From there he was able to get local funding to build the app with a team of developers recommended by SUAZ. Our designs were made to be low-cost and focused on the minimum viable product.

For instance, we recommended using Google business profiles as his source of shop data to save time in signing people up and create a simple and familiar app layout. We also then could use Google reviews and photos, meaning the app would be populated with great information from day one.

The Result?

Over 90% of high street businesses in Bromsgrove now use Destination to advertise their services and Destination has just launched in seven other high streets.

We continue to support Destination and have introduced them to their accountants, insurance providers and much more.

Destination High Street Facts

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Over 90% of high street businesses in Bromsgrove now use Destination to advertise to their customers.

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Destination has just launched in 7 other high streets.

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Over 5% of the local population have the app downloaded on their phone. Translated to the entire UK, this would be over 1.4 million people!

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Destination went from nothing on the 12th of October to a Website in 21 days and a working app within 60 days!

"We all aim high on our team, making sure that the work we produce is top-quality. It's great to know that everyone is equally dedicated to maintaining these high standards and supporting each other to achieve them."


Matt Jinks

CEO of Destination High Street

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