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About Start Up A-Z

We’re not just another company formation agent.
We’re a
startup agency.

We’re not about helping those big established businesses setting up their 100th company. We deal with new business owners who need a hand.

We’re here from A-Z, from the moment you submit your company registration to when you finally land that first sale.

To us that means taking you to your first sale, proving your idea and giving you the tools and knowledge to succeed in the long run.

Free company formation service

Free company
formation service

Ongoing support and resources

Ongoing support and resources

Simple and easy process

Simple and easy process

Our mission is to give you the
best chance of success.

After all, we’ve been in your shoes.

We don’t just form your company; we offer you ongoing support, guidance, feedback, business planning structures and techniques that will allow your company to grow in the long term. In turn, as our clients’ businesses grow, they trust us to connect them with vetted and approved suppliers on our B2B marketplace platform, Business Support Club.

We directly measure our success by using the only metric that matters: your success. Some businesses will fail, that’s the nature of taking a risk. But by following the SUAZ method, you’ll be better placed than anyone who forms a company today not using us.

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Most company formation agents consider their job done when your company is registered.

It’s not a one size fits all approach, and we don’t expect to help you with everything. But we’re here for everything if you need us.
We’re there every step of the way on the road to your first sale. Your journey will probably look something like this…

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SUAZ’s founder, Joe, has been in your shoes. He started his first business at 18 selling smart watches online (before the Apple Watch even existed!).

He thought he’d followed all the right steps. He got a loan of £6,000, and registered his business but went on to make a number of mistakes.

Joe had a great idea and chased his dream, but didn’t ask the right questions or seek the support he needed.

Joe wants other to learn from his mistakes and have the best chances of success.

He now advises start-ups on what to do when starting their business. His advice, built on his own experience is...

Seek help and don’t try to do everything yourself.

Keep costs down until you have proved your concept. You don’t need to spend a fortune to clarify that your idea is a good one.

Use your network – sell to friends and family, take on feedback and refine your idea.

Try not to worry, it can be daunting, but most people are rooting for your success. You will make mistakes, but they will only help in the long run.

Success can take time, and not every idea will work. But by using SUAZ, BSC and our resources, staff and support network, you’re giving yourself the best possible chance.

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