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Company Formation

In the UK, we use the national registrar of companies, Companies House, to form new businesses. You can do this yourself, using the Companies House website found here. It costs a one-off £50 filing fee to form your company and subject to checks, your business will be formed, usually within 48 hours.

Why Choose a
Formation Agent?

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Customer Service

Most Company Formation agents are here to help and advise you; as a customer you have a right to be treated with respect and understanding throughout what can be a complex and daunting process.

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Extra Perks

You’ll be given a few freebies and introductions alongside your company formation to introduce you to businesses and products or services that can help your company thrive.

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Easy Process

Most formation agents have perfected and streamlined the process to enable Companies to be formed in as little time, and as few clicks, as possible. It’s in our, and your, interests to make the process quick and concise.

Why Choose

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We make things simple.

With SUAZ, your application can take as little as two minutes. Why? Because we make some fair assumptions along the way. We know our customers aren’t big, complex companies, they are small and just starting out, often meaning that a lot of the information that lengthens the Companies House process is not applicable.

We support.

Not only do we give help and advice to you during your company formation, but also into the future, as and when you need it. We and our partners are here to be the reliable foundation stone of your business. This means your calls and questions are just as welcome on day one-thousand as day one.

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We're free.

We mean it – remember that £50 Companies House incorporation fee? We cover that for you. On top of this, our help and advice is also free.

Free Company Formations

Yes we’re free and no, that doesn’t mean we’ll harvest your data, organs or crops and sell to the highest bidder. We mean what we say: customers can use us and never pay a penny. We find that this certainty is helpful to new businesses and a gesture that endears us to clients. We make our money in two ways:

We offer upsells that are helpful to new businesses during company formation. You don’t need any of them to be successful, but they often help you get a head start. Whether it’s professional branding or a private company address, we can make your company look and feel professional.

We introduce you to other businesses and sometimes earn a commission. We’ll do this when you ask us for help finding suppliers. We only refer the best in every field.

Who can form a free company?

You must be forming a company on your own; the company will have one director and person of significant control – you. Other directors can be added at a later date of course. 

You must accept our standardised share structure. Your company will be formed with 100 shares, each valued at £1. (This does not relate to the value of your company)

You must create a Business Support Club account, where we will securely manage your data, take payments and keep you updated with the status of your order. We use BSC both for our client relationship management and to help you find new suppliers.

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