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A Guide to Finding a Dog-walking Business Name

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A Guide to Finding a Dog-walking Business Name
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So, you’ve decided to start a dog-walking business? Congrats! Financial freedom, job satisfaction and endless opportunities await you. But before you grab your wellies, leash and dog waste bags (so glamorous), you’ll need to come up with some good dog walking business names to help you get noticed. 

With the amount you have to organise when starting a business, it’s likely that you’ve left your business name until the last minute. But don’t panic - we’ve put together this guide to choosing dog walker business names to inspire you. Our tips and tricks can help you generate a unique and memorable business name that reflects your brand and business mission, and helps you stand out from the crowd. 

How to choose the perfect dog walking business name

Your business name is more important than you may realise. It’s a key element of your business’ identity and is the first thing your potential customers see - so you’ll want to set aside some time to brainstorm your ideas.

Deciding on a winning business name doesn’t need to feel impawsible. Here are just some ways to get you feeling inspired and embracing your creativity. 

Understanding your brand identity

Brand identity plays a crucial role in your business’ overall brand and marketing strategy. Before you start brainstorming the best dog-walking business names, you’ll need to pinpoint your brand identity - all the unique characteristics that influence your brand’s appearance, personality and overall image. 

Building your brand identity is a lot like a novelist choosing the traits and key attributes of their main character. Your brand identity is your chance to personify your brand, get creative and differentiate your business from its competitors. Try and think of some unique selling points (USPs) that set your business apart from the rest, what your brand stands for and your communication style - how you’ll talk to your customers. Your brand identity encompasses all the visual elements of your brand too, such as your logo, the colours you use and of course, your business name.

Having a strong, consistent brand identity can help potential customers spot your business among the crowd and recognise it again in the future. You can build trust with potential customers and eventually build a loyal customer base that returns to your business time and time again. 

Brainstorming business name ideas

For some, coming up with a business name is the most exciting stage of entrepreneurship - allowing you to flex your creative muscles and put a name to all your hard work. Whereas for others, the thought of brainstorming business names may feel like the hardest step in your journey. 

Some creative ways to brainstorm business name ideas include:

  • Word association: A simple and effective way to get your brain in gear, word association can help you generate business name ideas by thinking of words that you associate with others. First, write down key words that relate to your business such as ‘walking’, ‘dogs’, ‘paws’. Next, list words you associate with each of the core words, such as ‘puppy’ next to ‘dogs’ and ‘outdoors’ next to ‘walking’. Finally, you can try to mix and match your words to create potential names! 

  • Mind mapping: Mind mapping can be a great way to visualise the connections between different ideas, allowing you to come up with ideas you wouldn’t otherwise consider. First, write ‘dog walking business’ in the centre of the page. Next, draw branches around for different aspects of your business, such as the services you’ll offer and the values or benefits you hope to demonstrate. From there, you can expand each branch with related terms to then combine your ideas. For example, a branch under ‘values’ might be ‘flexible’ which you could combine with the service ‘walking’ to get ‘Dog Walking, Your Way’.  

  • Rhyming and wordplay: You’ll want to choose a business name that’s memorable, so customers return to your business in the future. Using alliteration, rhyme or puns can be a great way for customers to remember you. First, list simple, core words that relate to your business such as ‘walking’ or ‘dogs’. Next, look for words that either start with the same letter or rhyme. You can then combine these words to have a creative, out-of-the-box name like ‘Hounslow’s Happy Hounds’ or ‘Walk Your Wagger’.

  • Acronyms and abbreviations: Using an acronym can make your business name unique and personal to your business’ values. First, list the key elements of your business - for example, you may have ‘professional’ and ‘walking’. From there, you can use the first letters of each word to form your acronym. Make sure your acronym makes sense, is memorable and easy to say! An example is ‘PAWS - PAwsitive Walking Service’.

Asking yourself the following questions can help you pinpoint your dog walking business name too, by focusing on exactly what your business will offer.

  • Will you exclusively offer dog walking services, or will you provide other services too such as grooming? If so, make sure your name encompasses all the services you look to offer.

  • Would you prefer for your business name to be creative and playful, or would you prefer for it to reflect your company’s professionalism?

  • Do you want to position yourself as the biggest and best, or would you prefer to be a smaller, more luxury-type business?

  • Are you hoping to expand to other areas? If so, you may look to avoid choosing a location-specific name in case you expand your business further afield.

Evaluating and refining name options

Next, you’ll need to evaluate your list of potential dog walker business names, based on the following factors, to ensure the name is suitable for your new business and reflects the nature of your brand. 

  • Relevance: Make sure your potential business name aligns with the nature of your business or industry. Your potential clients or customers should be able to tell you’re a dog-walking business, for example. Also consider your target audience and ensure that your name resonates with them.

  • Memorability: Having a business name that is easy to spell and pronounce and spell, is more likely to be remembered. 

  • Uniqueness: Ensure your name stands out from your competitors. It can be tricky finding a unique name, but the more original your name is, the less likely it’ll be confused with other brands. 

  • Domain availability: If you plan to have a website for your business, you’ll need to make sure a corresponding domain name is available for your business name. A matching ‘.com’ or ‘’ domain is ideal, but alternatives like ‘.net’ and ‘.org.’ may work too. 

  • Name availability: You’ll need to make sure your business name isn’t already taken. You can verify the availability of your business name through our handy name checker - talk about convenient! It’s also worth doing a quick search yourself on major social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, to ensure it’s available when you start promoting your business across social media. 

Leveraging naming resources and tools

If you’re struggling for inspiration or simply need a nudge to get the creative juices flowing, you can make use of online resources and tools designed to help entrepreneurs generate business name ideas. Google is your best friend when it comes to business name ideas, and brands like Shopify and Wix have their own AI-powered business name generators you can try out. 

Legal and practical considerations

While there’s no legal obligation to trade mark your business, there are benefits in doing so. Registering your business name as a trade mark can offer legal protection by ensuring no one else can trade under your business name in your sector. You can use the government’s trade mark checker to make sure there’s no trade mark similar to your brand that already exists in the UK. 

Once you’ve decided on your business name, you’ll need to officially register your business with Companies House. You can register your business with Companies House yourself for a £50 filing fee, or alternatively, you can let SUAZ take care of things for you. We’ll cover the £50 incorporation fee for you and you’ll get hands-on support every step of the way. We offer several, professional company formation packages to help you get your business up and running, which can offer you peace of mind in knowing everything is taken care of. 

10 example dog walking business names

Now it’s time for us to share some of our creative (or terrible, it’s all subjective…) dog-walking business name ideas. We’re certain yours will be much more impressive, but here are some examples of good dog-walking business names to get you started.

  1. Tail Wagging Treks

  2. The Dog Walker’s Delight

  3. Your Canine Compass

  4. Fetch and Go

  5. Wag ‘n’ Walk 

  6. Pawsitive Strides

  7. Strutting Mutts

  8. Hiking Hounds

  9. Woofing Wanderers

  10. Doggy Dashers of Dorset

Register your dog walking business with SUAZ for free today

An impressive dog-walking business name can set the foundation for success and help you establish a strong brand presence in the dog-walking industry.

While starting your own business is sure to be your most exciting adventure yet, it’s also a lot of work. Why not let SUAZ take care of the complicated stuff? Our company formation service can handle the admin and legal aspects of your new venture, with support every step of the way. That leaves you to focus on the most important thing - your life-changing next chapter. What are you waiting for? Form your company today with SUAZ.

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